Agadir Morocco

20/21 November 24H

Karting Adagir
Wek International
Ordinary Cost
€ 2200
Early Bird Cost
€ 2200



General Regulation

Karting Adagir Circuit

920 m
Average Width
0 m
Number Of Curves
Track Plan

Live Time

Useful Informations

Entirely dedicated to challenges, leisure and relaxation, the Agadir Karting circuit combines speed, technique, aesthetics and security.

Located at the foot of the hills of the eastern facade of Agadir in a 4.5 hectare natural area planted with argan trees, the circuit is passable all year round thanks to its 350 days of sunshine.

The Agadir Karting circuit is up to FRMSA (Royal Moroccan Federation of motorsport) standards. The direction of rotation is the same as that of the hands of a watch. Length 900m Width 8m The practice of karting, which is a mechanical sport, must be done in a sporting and camaraderie spirit. Any dangerous or unsportsmanlike aggressive action may be penalized by exclusion from the session.